What The Pain Under Left Rib Cage Tries To Tell You

Painful sensations underline the body’s way of screaming. This is what the body does to notify you about a particular problem. A pain is a call to action. However, these sensations are often misleading. Diagnosing yourself is not always your best choice. Sometimes, seeing a specialist doctor is a main necessity. It depends on how severe it is, as well as its causes.

For example, you do not go to a doctor if you experience abdominal pains after working on your abdomen. You can feel the pain targeting the muscles, so it is perfectly normal to experience it. On the other hand, a random pain out of nowhere might raise some question marks. When it becomes exquisite and it interferes with your daily activities, the situation is probably more severe. A pain under left rib cage can be nothing, but it can also underline problematic affections.

What happens inside your belly

Only a specialist can tell what happens inside your belly. The pain can hide a series of affections, but it may also be something random. For example, lateral abdominal pains are often related to the colon. It makes no difference if you got the pain under left rib cage or in the right side. If you feel it in both sides, chances are you need a detoxification diet for a week or two. Once again, diagnosing yourself might be an issue, so make this choice with your doctor. Eviscerations or shingles may also be among the causes.

What is on the left side

The pain under left rib cage may have multiple causes. Normally, the stomach is responsible for these signs. Whether you have exaggerated with a heavy meal or you have intoxicated yourself with the wrong foods, you might feel immediate discomfort and even pain in the left side. The spleen is also located in the left side. However, it rarely causes any major pains. Normally, it becomes a problem when the patient faces tumors, cirrhosis or blood diseases. That is when the pain under left rib cage occurs. Pains also show up after you walk or run for too long.

Diagnosing yourself? Think twice

Even if you do not diagnose yourself, you probably know someone who does. Sure, it is more convenient to just go online and ask search engines for help. Some people may also recommend what worked for them, even if your issue has nothing in common with theirs (apart from the location). Do that and your internal organs are forced to support and process an amalgam of useless medications or supplements. Out of pure coincidence, some of them may actually work for the moment. They ameliorate pains, but they do not target the causes.

Tackling a repetitive pain under left rib cage should be done in a doctor’s office. Doing random treatments yourself will not eliminate the problem. It is up to you to use common sense. Mild pains can be overlooked. But if they turn severe, make sure that it is not too late or you risk facing some unpleasant surprises.