Toasted skin syndrome

The number of laptop users over the globe has been doubling in the past few decades. This has paved the way for a new ailment known as the toasted skin syndrome or TSS. It is precisely what its name suggests i.e. your skin gets toasted due to the excessive heat. The skin appears to get red or brown in the place where it has been exposed to this excessive heat. And this is not caused by exposure to the sun; this toasted skin syndrome is caused by using your laptop perched on your lap for the prolonged period. The heat coming off from a laptop can reach up to 47 degrees Celsius, and when your skin is exposed to this kind of heat for a prolonged period, your skin will become toasted. This would not only make your skin look really bad would have much worse consequences.

There are extremely simple ways to prevent this toasted skin syndrome. By following these easy steps, you can defend yourself from this dangerous and harmful burning.

Use a heat shield

By keeping something in between your skin and your laptop, you can prevent the heat from your laptop from burning your skin. You can use a laptop desk or just place a cushion under your laptop if you want to use the laptop perched on your lap. Just make sure your skin does not take in the full blow of the excessive heat that comes off from your system.

 Monitor your laptop usage time

If you do have to use your laptop on your lap, monitor your laptop usage time strictly. Your laptop is a machine, and it needs to cool down too, to work in a proper way. Monitoring your laptop usage would not only keep you safe from toasted skin syndrome but would also increase the lifespan of your laptop. After every few hours of use, give yourself as well as your laptop some rest.

 Ventilate your laptop regularly

It is important to ventilate your laptop regularly just to make sure your laptop does not get too heated up. And while your laptop is getting its much-needed ventilation, your lap can get the rest too. This ventilation would allow your laptop to cool down such that when you use it again on your lap, you are at a lower risk of getting toasted skin syndrome.

 Set up a laptop workstation

Establishing a laptop workstation is healthy for you as well as for your laptop. This will not only protect you from the dangerous burning disease but also keep your back erect, thereby preventing you from unwanted backaches.

If setting up a laptop station is a difficult job for you then simply use a desktop. Make sure you use a proper chair and have the desktop or the laptop perched on a proper height that would rest your arms perfectly while working.

Follow one of the ways given above, and you would be able to prevent toasted skin syndrome.