Set Your Crowning Glory With Ayurvedic Treatment For Dry Hair

A thick mane of hair is a crowning glory desired by anyone, especially by women. However, it is not always that you find that mane as you would like it to be. Dry, dull and lifeless hair naturally adds to worry and takes away glamour from looks. Your hair consists of three layers, the outer of which is meant to protect inner layers. Dry and dull hair is a result of damaged outer layer.The sebaceous glandsdischarge oil onto the hair shaft through hair follicles. If you suffer from a problem of dry skin, you may have a problem of dry hair.

Reasons of dry hair

Since hair is naturally oiled from within the scalp, certain external extreme conditions may cause it to become dry and dull. Activities like swimming in chlorinated water, over exposure to sun, over use of dryers, and other styling products are liable to cause damaged and dry hair. Dry hair may also be a result of internal problems of the body, and can stem from nutritional deficiencies too. Heredity is identified as another cause of dry hair and spilt ends.

Ayurvedic diagnosis for the problem

Ayurveda connects hair problems and hair type directly with body type according to its classification. For appropriate ayurvedic treatment for dry hair, it is important to know the basis of treatment.

  • In ayurveda, the body is classified into three categories – the ‘vata’, the ‘pitta’ and the ‘kapha’. Each category of hair owns its distinctive features and reasons for dry hair problem depend on individual factors.
  • According to this ancient science, nutrients derived from the food that we eat nourish the hair. When the body suffers from excessive pitta, it leads to adverse conditions of the hair including dry hair.
  • Moreover, Ayurveda also names hormonal imbalances, stress, intoxicating substances and some other diseases as the cause of dry and falling hair.

Ayurvedic remedies for dry hair

Addressing the core issue of the body, ayurvedic treatment makes use of ingredients in nature. A regular use of these ingredients will not only alleviate the problem of dry and falling hair but also help regenerate luscious hair.

  • You may not have easy access to herbs, but you can pick readily available packet of Bhringraj and soak five to six tablespoon of the powder in warm water before applying the paste for twenty minutes and then wash off.
  • Themuskroot or the Indian Spikenard has the ability to remove blood impurities, making the body toxin free for better hair. This comes in capsule form of different strength and it is better to consume that which is contains less than 6 gm.
  • Methi is a commonly used seed which can be dry roasted and then made to a paste with warm water and applied on the scalp for twenty minutes before washing.
  • Amla or amlaki which is commonly available in dust form istreats indigestion and purifies the blood and eliminating internal causes. It is also rich in Vitamin C, which solves many hair problems from within.
  • You will also find medicated ayurvedic oils such as Mahabhringraj oil, Amla oil and Arnica oil in the market for all hair problems.

Regulate your diet

Ayurveda bases it treatment on a healthy diet and this applies for dry hair problems too. A high vegetable protein diet is recommended as against consumption of meat. Fried and spicy food, liquor and excess beverages are considered taboo for general good health and also for hair quality and growth. Return to nature and find your healthy mane.