Return To Nature And Get Ayurvedic Treatment For Piles

Ayurveda, coming from the Sanskrit root means life-knowledge, an ancient medicine system which stems from the Vedic tradition and is native to the Indian subcontinent. This stream of medicine uses natural ingredients, that is, fruits, leaves stems that are found in nature and mix them to provide them as remedy for diseases. Ayurveda emphasizes that it is the lossof balance in a person that leads her or him to ill health and this balance is often lost due to suppressing the urges of nature.Piles is most common among the different diseases that people wish to get cured by Ayurveda treatment.

Piles and its symptoms

Piles is also known as haemorrhoids and are basically the veins and blood vessels at the lower end of the rectum. The following symptoms while passing stool will help you detect piles and avail the ayurvedic treatment safely.

  • Pain with swelling accompanied by unbearable itching and burning sensation in the area around the rectum is an indication of piles.
  • You may also feel a hard lump around the anus as these lumps grow both inside as well as on the outside of the anus.
  • The flow of fresh red blood accompanying stool is almost a sure sign of piles.

Understand the causes

It is not just one factor that can lead to piles, but a number of single factors, or a combination that causes this medical condition. Late detection of piles complicates matter. Knowing the symptomsof this disease will ensure an effective ayurvedic treatment for piles.

  • If you have continual too much of pressure and strain in order to evacuate your bowel, it may gradually lead to the inflammation of blood vessels at the end of the rectum due to constant rubbing and cause pile. In simple words constipation is the most common cause.
  • A completely sedentary lifestyle involving absolute lack of physical movements is another major reason. Overweight people often suffer from this problem.
  • Genetic constitution and a family history of piles lead to a greater risk of developing piles.
  • Ageing is considered to be another important factor.

Opt for Ayurvedic cure

As ayurveda is completely natural, it is one of the safest options of curing piles. Avoid hard to digest food that will create pressure against the rectum wall. Consuming plenty of water is a must in preventing, as well as curing piles.Fruits and vegetables with high content of fibre are recommended along with pro-biotic food that aid in digestion.An increased level of physical activity will reduce the risk of piles, other than improving general health. Apart from these you might be interested in trying ayurvedic medicines available as they promise relief from the very first day and permanent cure using natural ingredients.

Avoid surgery and go ayurvedic

Nature has no substitute, so return to nature and a change in lifestyle will certainly go a long way to improve your general health, other can curing piles. Clear bowel movements and a good digestive system is the key to avoiding and curing piles. You can avoid surgical complications with the help of Ayurveda for a permanent solution to this problem.