Pre-cum pregnancy – a myth or a real threat?

There are not a lot of life experiences which are tenser than those when you think you’re pregnant. Reading about different ways of getting pregnant online definitely doesn’t help in terms of calming your mind down, so it’s best to finally understand what is pre-cum and how much of a risk it poses in terms of getting pregnant. It is rather obvious that having sex without a condom is much more personal and intimate and couples tend to slowly pass onto the withdrawal method of contraception. How safe is it? Should you proceed with it? Read on and you will know.

Pre-cum pregnancy is a remote possibility

I’ll get right onto it – it is possible to get pregnant from pre-cum, but with some conditions fulfilled. First of all, if you do not follow your common sense in your sexual life, there is a higher chance of you getting pregnant. For an example, if you have sexual intercourse after your partner ejaculated in a condom, with the second intercourse being unprotected, there is an obvious chance for pregnancy to occur. This is due to the fact that sperm stays in the urinary tract for quite a while and is only removed out of there by urination.

It is safe to say that chances for you to get pregnant from pure pre-cum are next to null. It’s another part of the story about whether or not your partner has urinated, or has perhaps lied to you about it. This does happen a lot, especially when passion strikes.

Withdrawal is not the safest method of preventing pregnancy

Because of all the subjective matters involving withdrawal, it is highly recommended to use more advanced and efficient methods of contraception. Condoms are considered to be quite safe for this, even though they aren’t perfect either. In some scenarios, the condoms may rupture on pressure, causing some minor leaks of pure sperm to occur, which is an obvious threat if you’re trying to prevent pregnancy from happening too soon.

Withdrawal shouldn’t be considered a method of safe sex by any stretch of imagination, especially if you’re having sex with multiple partners. For those of you which are in long term relationships, consider withdrawal method to be a benefit, even though there is still a chance of you becoming pregnant.

If you do want to apply withdrawal method to your sexual life, make sure that your partner urinates in between sexual intercourses as this will eliminate any leftover sperm in the urinary tract. Due to the high acidity of the urine, it will eliminate any sperm it encounters along the way. This cuts down the possibility of becoming pregnant significantly and if you’re in a steady relationship, you should accept the responsibility which lies behind withdrawal method of contraception.

Keep in mind that any sexual interaction has a certain percentage of chance for you to become pregnant, as not a single one of the contraception methods are 100% safe. Practicing safe sex is always recommended, so make sure to use as much of those methods as available to you.