Phantom vibration syndrome

The term phantom vibration syndrome is a relatively new one that is currently been seen a lot in the news. As the name suggests, phantom vibration syndrome is when you feel that the phone is vibrating even when it is not in reality. This enigma has been around since the advent of the mobile phones but got wider popularity around five years ago and has become much more prevalent with the arrival of smartphones and eventually increased use of mobile phones. This syndrome is a sign of how the mobile phones have a grip and control on our lives so much so that researchers have started studying this particular syndrome.

How the mobile phone controls your life

The phantom vibration syndrome is just an example of how your mobile controls your life. Just consider this, even a few years back if you felt an itch in the part where you now keep your phone, you would just scratch the part and get it done with. But now the first thing, you would do, is reach for your phone to check if it vibrated, even if it did not. Studies show that almost ninety percent of undergraduate students and around same number of hospital workers have experienced phantom vibration syndrome once or more and this has increased their levels of anxiety. If you do not check yourself this continuous feeling of your phone vibrating when it is not can turn into an obsession and can cause anxiety. This syndrome has only increased with the introduction of the smartphones into the market and growing familiar all over the world.

How to stop the phantom vibration syndrome from taking over your life

 The only way, to prevent your smartphone from taking over your life and increasing your stress level, is to stay a little away from your mobile phone for a certain period every day. Start by staying away from your cell phone for half an hour and increase the time a little every day. You would feel the urge to check your phone that would go to prove your obsession, but check yourself. By doing this exercise, you can monitor your anxiety level caused by mobile phones. After all who needs more stress and anxiety in their lives? And this is the only way to stop your mobile phone from taking total control of your life. Another thing, you can do, is even if you feel your phone vibrating keep you from checking it every time and after a while it would become a habit that would eventually reduce your anxiety levels.

With the number of people increasing who have at some time experienced the phantom vibration syndrome, you would want to take control of your life. Technology is useful as long as it makes life easier but when it starts to control you, it is time to get a reality check done. Technology should be at your service, and it should not be the other way round.