Pre-cum pregnancy – a myth or a real threat?

There are not a lot of life experiences which are tenser than those when you think you’re pregnant. Reading about different ways of getting pregnant online definitely doesn’t help in terms of calming your mind down, so it’s best to finally understand what is pre-cum and how much of a risk it poses in terms of getting pregnant. It is rather obvious that having sex without a condom is much more personal and intimate and couples tend to slowly pass onto the withdrawal method of contraception. How safe is it? Should you proceed with it? Read on and you will know.

Pre-cum pregnancy is a remote possibility

I’ll get right onto it – it is possible to get pregnant from pre-cum, but with some conditions fulfilled. First of all, if you do not follow your common sense in your sexual life, there is a higher chance of you getting pregnant. For an example, if you have sexual intercourse after your partner ejaculated in a condom, with the second intercourse being unprotected, there is an obvious chance for pregnancy to occur. This is due to the fact that sperm stays in the urinary tract for quite a while and is only removed out of there by urination.

It is safe to say that chances for you to get pregnant from pure pre-cum are next to null. It’s another part of the story about whether or not your partner has urinated, or has perhaps lied to you about it. This does happen a lot, especially when passion strikes.

Withdrawal is not the safest method of preventing pregnancy

Because of all the subjective matters involving withdrawal, it is highly recommended to use more advanced and efficient methods of contraception. Condoms are considered to be quite safe for this, even though they aren’t perfect either. In some scenarios, the condoms may rupture on pressure, causing some minor leaks of pure sperm to occur, which is an obvious threat if you’re trying to prevent pregnancy from happening too soon.

Withdrawal shouldn’t be considered a method of safe sex by any stretch of imagination, especially if you’re having sex with multiple partners. For those of you which are in long term relationships, consider withdrawal method to be a benefit, even though there is still a chance of you becoming pregnant.

If you do want to apply withdrawal method to your sexual life, make sure that your partner urinates in between sexual intercourses as this will eliminate any leftover sperm in the urinary tract. Due to the high acidity of the urine, it will eliminate any sperm it encounters along the way. This cuts down the possibility of becoming pregnant significantly and if you’re in a steady relationship, you should accept the responsibility which lies behind withdrawal method of contraception.

Keep in mind that any sexual interaction has a certain percentage of chance for you to become pregnant, as not a single one of the contraception methods are 100% safe. Practicing safe sex is always recommended, so make sure to use as much of those methods as available to you.

A look at yeast infections with men and women

Yeast infections are a fairly common cause of skin defects and are definitely a reason for which you should pay a visit to your doctor. We all have a huge number of different yeasts on our bodies, mostly inside the mucosa such as mouth, digestive tract as well as skin on hands and feet. There are more than a hundred different species of yeasts which are harmless for the human, but there are also about fifty variants which can cause local yeast infections on the skin, nails, scalp, and vagina or in the mouth. Rarely, more severe conditions may be caused by these infections.

A healthy skin represents a barrier over which the yeast usually can’t jump over. On their growth and penetration into the deeper layers of the skin a couple of factors have a significant effect. This mostly focuses on surface damage and the overall immunological condition of the person. Some people simply have a predisposition for yeast infection.

Unisex risk factors for yeast infections

Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, a couple of common risk factors apply to both genders. To begin with, wearing synthetic clothing is probably the biggest mistake most people make. Such clothes block air from circulating, which means that your skin can’t really breathe as it should. Also, same applies to shoes, which means that if you’re wearing closed lid shoes which are made of synthetic materials are airing at a very low level and therefore increasing the risk of developing a yeast infection.

Severe sweating, possibly caused by obesity is another common reason to trigger yeast infections, even though this isn’t directly the cause of them. Yeasts simply prefer moist and warm areas, which is why excessive sweating helps to create a suitable environment for yeast development. Along with this issue, a lot of people tend to dry them up rather shabbily after taking a shower or a swim, keeping the newly accumulated moisture.

On top of all that, your immunological system plays a significant role in repelling and preventing any type of a yeast infection. Diseases which are causing a weakened immunological state such as tumors or HIV infections are commonly a risk factor for yeast infections as well as the system which is usually designed to repel against them is weakened. Long term antibiotic intake can also cause yeast infections due to bacterial imbalances – antibiotics kill both harmful and beneficial bacteria in the process of treatment.

Most common infections are those on palms and feet

These types of infections are also known as tinea pedis et manus, and it’s caused mostly by using common hygienic spaces such as public showers, sport objects and all other locations where there are lot of people. Moisture and warmth being generated on pools and public bathing locations definitely helps to trigger any type of a yeast infection. By walking around barefooted, spores of the yeasts are easily spread, causing a common yeast infection known as athletic foot. This is usually much worse during the summer period, when the fungus infection may be conjoined by a bacterial one as well.

Diagnostic and treatment of yeast infections

Yeast infections are indeed chronic infections, which can’t be treated on their own. This means that a medical checkup is required, to provide a proper diagnosis which is a base for a good treatment. Untreated infections are a permanent source of infection for other individuals. A common tool for diagnosing yeast infections is a checkup done by Wood’s lamp, which is used to diagnose fungal and bacterial skin infections as well as any disturbances and disorders related to skin pigment. A typical microscopic checkup and an analysis of the microbiologic culture usually follow if the lamp test is positive.

Treatment is usually long-term as the therapy needs to be strictly followed. It’s very important to find the real cause for the infection, as well as to determine just how intensive and advanced the infection has gotten. Based on that information, we can decide for and go with the most appropriate treatment. In most cases the treatment is local, with antimitotic gels, oils, sprays and other types of supplements. With spread forms of yeast infections, as well as of infections of the scalp and nails, the treatment is systematic. Treatment of nail infection usually lasts for about 6 weeks, while an infection which has been localized on the feet can last all the way up to 12 weeks. Regardless of the case, it’s important to stick with the prescribed treatment as long as it is necessary.

Toasted skin syndrome

The number of laptop users over the globe has been doubling in the past few decades. This has paved the way for a new ailment known as the toasted skin syndrome or TSS. It is precisely what its name suggests i.e. your skin gets toasted due to the excessive heat. The skin appears to get red or brown in the place where it has been exposed to this excessive heat. And this is not caused by exposure to the sun; this toasted skin syndrome is caused by using your laptop perched on your lap for the prolonged period. The heat coming off from a laptop can reach up to 47 degrees Celsius, and when your skin is exposed to this kind of heat for a prolonged period, your skin will become toasted. This would not only make your skin look really bad would have much worse consequences.

There are extremely simple ways to prevent this toasted skin syndrome. By following these easy steps, you can defend yourself from this dangerous and harmful burning.

Use a heat shield

By keeping something in between your skin and your laptop, you can prevent the heat from your laptop from burning your skin. You can use a laptop desk or just place a cushion under your laptop if you want to use the laptop perched on your lap. Just make sure your skin does not take in the full blow of the excessive heat that comes off from your system.

 Monitor your laptop usage time

If you do have to use your laptop on your lap, monitor your laptop usage time strictly. Your laptop is a machine, and it needs to cool down too, to work in a proper way. Monitoring your laptop usage would not only keep you safe from toasted skin syndrome but would also increase the lifespan of your laptop. After every few hours of use, give yourself as well as your laptop some rest.

 Ventilate your laptop regularly

It is important to ventilate your laptop regularly just to make sure your laptop does not get too heated up. And while your laptop is getting its much-needed ventilation, your lap can get the rest too. This ventilation would allow your laptop to cool down such that when you use it again on your lap, you are at a lower risk of getting toasted skin syndrome.

 Set up a laptop workstation

Establishing a laptop workstation is healthy for you as well as for your laptop. This will not only protect you from the dangerous burning disease but also keep your back erect, thereby preventing you from unwanted backaches.

If setting up a laptop station is a difficult job for you then simply use a desktop. Make sure you use a proper chair and have the desktop or the laptop perched on a proper height that would rest your arms perfectly while working.

Follow one of the ways given above, and you would be able to prevent toasted skin syndrome.

Causes Of Pain Under Left Shoulder Blade That Should Not Worry You Too Much

Any kind of pain in the left side of your torso is a reason to worry. You inevitably think about having a heart related problem, which is the last thing you want. Luckily, this is usually a concern, so it has nothing to do with the reality. It does not mean that you should not check though. From this point of view, pain under left shoulder blade has plenty of causes. After all, every specialist or personal trainer can agree that the shoulder is not really your strongest joint. It is quite unstable, despite its size. Therefore, it is highly related to many issues. Pains may target the blade itself, but it can also occur from other nearby parts, including vital organs. Then, what are the most common causes? Is there something you should worry about?

Injuries – an obvious cause of pains

Have you exaggerated with your workouts lately? Have you just moved into a new home? If you carried everything on your own, chances are you have pushed yourself too much. In any of these situations, ending up with a shoulder blade injury is fairly simple. However, the actual pain represents a real challenge. Stop working it and give yourself a break. Keep doing it and you risk facing long-lasting issues. Just like for most other joint related pains, the pain under left shoulder blade requires a break.

The natural aging process

No one can get away form the natural aging process, yet not everyone knows that it might be responsible for pain under left shoulder blade too. While aging is supposed to bring in relaxation and joy, the truth is that it also comes with specific conditions. The skeletal system tends to brittle a little, so it obviously turns weaker. It is perfectly normal. However, it also implies taking more care. This is why a minor fall can become a terrible accident. A few decades ago, you could stand up and brush yourself within a couple of seconds. Now, it takes forever and the pain is likely to persist.

Sleeping in the wrong position

If you have come up with a random pain under left shoulder blade out of nowhere, you have probably slept in the wrong position. It sounds a little unusual, yet this is one of the main reasons wherefore so many people (especially elders) complain about these pains. Pay attention to your sleeping position and choose a comfortable one, especially around the neck. The pain will go away by itself, without any treatments. However, daily hot baths for a few days will rush it.

Blade pains – cold symptoms

Although flu and cold are associated with running nose, fever and a constant need of sleep, patients also experience a continuous and exhausting tiredness. Body aches are just as popular. Your body weighs more than a car, so a pain under left shoulder blade may also occur out of nowhere. Get rid of it with heat compresses, but treat the actual infection as well. Otherwise, it will persist.

Specifics of skin yeast infections

Skin infection highly depends on the pathogenic properties of the yeast itself, but a huge role is played out by the immunological state of the person who is infected. Yeast infections on skin are a fairly common reason for people to pay a visit to their doctor and they are also one of the most common types of skin defects. A healthy skin represents a barrier for yeast to expand further, while skin which has surface damage can actually help yeast to grow and expand. These infections are nothing too serious, but they can become quite a nuisance, as well as many other skin diseases as treatment lasts for a long time, with a high chance of the disease to appear again. Transfer of the infection itself is at higher risk if you spend a lot of time in bigger collectives such as schools or kindergartens, with a possibility of yeast infection making its way from an animal to a human being and vice versa.

There are over 100.000 commonly known types of yeasts, with only about 50 being pathogenic. Yeasts are spread all across the globe and in every region there is a couple of different yeast types which dominate.

What type of yeast cause skin defects?

As I mentioned above, yeast can cause surface infection of the skin; more precisely of the epidermis as well as hair, scalp and nails. Yeasts are conditionally pathogenic organisms and usually tend to colonize the normal epistle such as Candida and Malasezia. Infection can penetrate into the deeper skin layers, which is a common case with patients who are suffering from a weak immunological system. Because of this, the pathogenic properties of the yeast initially depend mostly on the immunological system state, its response to the presence of skin yeasts as well as on the mucosa and localization.

The problematic of yeast infections in general has become very active due to wide usage of antibiotics as well as cytostatic preparations and many other medications which do actually weaken one’s metabolism. By improving the general hygienic environment, there is an obvious reduction in the number of diseased, but these infections are still very common due to their contagious properties and other factors which go in favor of infection and general spreading of the infection.

Children usually suffer from scalp infections, while young adults tend to acquire yeast infections on skin, under the breasts as well as in the oral cavity.

Treatment of said yeast infections

Diagnosis is usually established based on anamnesis and clinical image as well as mycological tests of the source of the infection which is made of a native microscopic preparation, cultural tests and a checkup done with a fluorescent lamp. Rarely, further diagnostic checkups need to be made such as pathohistologic test and others. Treatment is usually done by a specialized doctor, possibly dermatologist. Therapy depends on several factors, mainly on localization of the changes (hair, skin, mouth, under the breast etc.), as well as the degree of damage done to the skin, depth of impact and specific type of the yeast which has caused the infection.

It is necessary to follow through the entire therapy plan, which is usually done locally. There are many medications and preparations available for you to use, including antimitotic creams, oils, lotions, gels, sprays, pastes and many other which are used to treat such conditions. In some cases, a systematic treatment is required, most common with scalp infections and much rarer with other such infections. This is done if the local therapy is not showing good enough results.

Prevention of skin yeast infections

Prevention of skin based yeast infections is very important as you can easily prevent such an infection from happening completely. However, there are a lot of things you might need to change completely in your daily lifestyle, so you might have a couple of setbacks. It’s best to simply follow all of the following as this will dramatically decrease the chances of you acquiring an infection.

To begin with, you need to dry yourself up thoroughly after showering or a bath, as moisture is yeast’s best friend. Paired with your own body’s warmth and you got yourself an infection. Avoid wearing synthetic clothes as this restricts air flow which can dry everything up spontaneously. By keeping the moist environment persistent, you’re giving the upper hand to yeast infections from occurring and it’s only a matter of time before an infection starts raging. By following these simple guidelines you are significantly improving your chances of avoiding an infection.

Most Popular Causes Associated With Pain Under Left Breast

Pain under left breast is different from the one under the right breast. That is where your heart stays, so you obviously think about the worst things. All in all, these pains are usually sharp. You may also experience slight problems while breathing. Sometimes, these pains go away if you breathe deep for a few minutes. They might be caused by an incorrect posture too. In other cases, they can underline more severe conditions. When the pain persists, returns or becomes severe, you might want to consult a specialist doctor. If you suffer from an affection, at least you can identify it early and treat it accordingly. If you do not, enjoy the peace of mind that you are healthy and you got nothing to worry about.

Effects of heartburn

Heartburn is one of the main reasons wherefore pain under left breast occurs. Plenty of people panic and take it for a heart attack, yet they are not connected. Heartburn occurs when stomach acid goes up due to specific activities (mostly physical activities). If you have just had a heavy meal, it might be wise to lie down a little. Sure, physical activity is recommended too for your digestion, but do not exaggerate. Bending down a few times might prevent heartburn. It normally occurs when the lower abdominal muscles are not powerful enough to keep the stomach acids under control.

Facing excessive digestive gases

Digestive cases may also cause pain under left breast, as well as many other uncomfortable symptoms. When gases are trapped inside the stomach, they tend to go up, so they get close to the chest. Holding gases for too long may cause similar problems too. In other cases, they are trapped inside the intestines, so the same problems occur around the waist. The more you hold them, the more severe they become. At some point, you may not even be able to walk. Whether you have guests or someone nearby, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom.

Heart conditions – something to worry about

Heart problems are some of the things that should worry you. While the heart is way above this area, heart conditions may also cause sharp pain under left breast. Suspecting a heart condition depends on how severe and frequent these pains are. If they persist and return regularly, it is wiser to see a specialist doctor. Treat heart conditions early and they will not pose too many problems. Even if the diagnostic is different, at least you know that there is nothing to worry about.

Stress can be a cause too

Stress is yet another popular cause for chest pains. Stress is responsible for plenty of problematic symptoms. It has become a modern enemy of the humankind. When you feel stressed, your body obviously acts differently. This is why you might feel pain under left breast even if everything else looks alright. The pain occurs due to the stressful events around you. Learn to relax and calm down, but consider meditation as well.

Set Your Crowning Glory With Ayurvedic Treatment For Dry Hair

A thick mane of hair is a crowning glory desired by anyone, especially by women. However, it is not always that you find that mane as you would like it to be. Dry, dull and lifeless hair naturally adds to worry and takes away glamour from looks. Your hair consists of three layers, the outer of which is meant to protect inner layers. Dry and dull hair is a result of damaged outer layer.The sebaceous glandsdischarge oil onto the hair shaft through hair follicles. If you suffer from a problem of dry skin, you may have a problem of dry hair.

Reasons of dry hair

Since hair is naturally oiled from within the scalp, certain external extreme conditions may cause it to become dry and dull. Activities like swimming in chlorinated water, over exposure to sun, over use of dryers, and other styling products are liable to cause damaged and dry hair. Dry hair may also be a result of internal problems of the body, and can stem from nutritional deficiencies too. Heredity is identified as another cause of dry hair and spilt ends.

Ayurvedic diagnosis for the problem

Ayurveda connects hair problems and hair type directly with body type according to its classification. For appropriate ayurvedic treatment for dry hair, it is important to know the basis of treatment.

  • In ayurveda, the body is classified into three categories – the ‘vata’, the ‘pitta’ and the ‘kapha’. Each category of hair owns its distinctive features and reasons for dry hair problem depend on individual factors.
  • According to this ancient science, nutrients derived from the food that we eat nourish the hair. When the body suffers from excessive pitta, it leads to adverse conditions of the hair including dry hair.
  • Moreover, Ayurveda also names hormonal imbalances, stress, intoxicating substances and some other diseases as the cause of dry and falling hair.

Ayurvedic remedies for dry hair

Addressing the core issue of the body, ayurvedic treatment makes use of ingredients in nature. A regular use of these ingredients will not only alleviate the problem of dry and falling hair but also help regenerate luscious hair.

  • You may not have easy access to herbs, but you can pick readily available packet of Bhringraj and soak five to six tablespoon of the powder in warm water before applying the paste for twenty minutes and then wash off.
  • Themuskroot or the Indian Spikenard has the ability to remove blood impurities, making the body toxin free for better hair. This comes in capsule form of different strength and it is better to consume that which is contains less than 6 gm.
  • Methi is a commonly used seed which can be dry roasted and then made to a paste with warm water and applied on the scalp for twenty minutes before washing.
  • Amla or amlaki which is commonly available in dust form istreats indigestion and purifies the blood and eliminating internal causes. It is also rich in Vitamin C, which solves many hair problems from within.
  • You will also find medicated ayurvedic oils such as Mahabhringraj oil, Amla oil and Arnica oil in the market for all hair problems.

Regulate your diet

Ayurveda bases it treatment on a healthy diet and this applies for dry hair problems too. A high vegetable protein diet is recommended as against consumption of meat. Fried and spicy food, liquor and excess beverages are considered taboo for general good health and also for hair quality and growth. Return to nature and find your healthy mane.

Reasons for pain under breasts

Women are commonly reporting themselves to a doctor due to pain experienced in the breast area. Usually, this type of pain is not necessarily linked to a cancer, but women, who are experiencing any types of breast related abnormalities, including pain, should visit their doctor as soon as possible. About 70% of women have felt pain in their breasts in one point in their lives. Pain can appear in one or both breasts or below the armpit as well. The intensity of the pain experienced here varies, and about 15% of women require immediate treatment.

There are two main types of pain under right and left breast – cyclical and non-cyclical.

Cyclical pain under breast

Pain in the breasts can be related with the ways which are taken by the breast tissue and its reaction to monthly changes of the estrogen levels. If the pain is accompanied by lumps or areas where there is an obvious accumulation of tissue, this leads towards fibrocystic disorders. During a menstrual cycle, breast tissue sometimes swells up due to the hormonal stimulation which causes an expansion of the milk glands and channels. Besides this, breasts tend to retain water. They can feel swollen, painful and sensitive, with all of these symptoms ending by the end of the menstrual cycle.

On this particular type of pain which can be isolated right below the breast as well, about 75% of all complaints fall to. Even stress can have an influence on the hormonal levels, which increases the pain sensation. Physical activity, especially hard work also increases the chance for one to experience breast pain as the breast muscles may become inflamed due to physical activity.

Non-cyclical pain under breast

This type of pain is much rarer than cyclical and it has no relation to the menstrual cycle whatsoever. Women who are experiencing non-cyclical pain in their breasts commonly experience pain in one specific area. Causes can be injuries and trauma on the breast area as well as biopsy.

Breast cancer – how to recognize it

It’s not surprising that a large percentage of women think of breast cancer immediately when they experience pain under right and left breast. This cancer has taken its toll on the public as it is one of the most dangerous cancers out there, though it is treatable in most cases. As it is with all other types of cancers, the breast cancer is basically an accumulation of cells found in the breast gland tissue which have gone out of control and started to multiply with no rhyme or reason. This expansion causes destruction of the surrounding healthy tissue and since there are many lymph nodes and blood vessels in this area, cancer can easily enter the cardiovascular system and spread metastases across the entire body.

Because of this, breast cancer which has been recognized too late can have an effect on the entire body which further complicates things related to its removal. Breast cancer is a malicious condition which can happen to women of all ages. Causes aren’t known yet. Statistics say that hereditary factor and lifestyle represent crucial factors for its appearance. There is a great chance of breast cancer appearing in women who have relatives who have suffered from it, especially along mother’s gene tree.

With those couple of risk factors, it is important to know basic ways of helping yourself. Fortunately, your breasts and the area below them are easy to keep under control. With observing and probing of the area it is possible to discover some disorders which are related to the breast tissue itself – keep in mind that about 30% of such discoveries end up in breast cancer so it might just be a simple hormonal disorder.

Self-checkups should become some type of a habit for you and you should do it 5-10 days after your menstrual cycle has ended, always following the same routine of probing your breasts. Over time you will acquire an idea about the normal phase of your breasts, the firmness, radius and other physical properties which are used as a guideline. All women who are over 20 years of age should do this self-checkup at least once per month.

Keep in mind that breast cancer tends to grow without radiating any pain out of it. This is the main reason why most women report to their doctor too late, and it’s necessary to hold on to the rule that the doubt alone is good enough of a reason to go and get yourself checked up. Today’s medicine can easily establish a safe diagnosis of the condition, which is very important since breast cancer needs to be treated as soon as possible. This increases the chances of complete recovery a lot, as any postponing will complicate things a lot further down the line.

Other causes for pain under the breasts

Light pain, oversensitivity and pressure felt under the breast are all common disturbances shortly before and after menstruation. These initiate due to intensive hormonal excretion, which causes improved fluid accumulation in the breast, which then slowly swell up. After the menstruation has ended, these disturbances tend to stop.

During pregnancy, these disturbances are far more intensive. Pressure and pain in the breast report in within a couple of first weeks of your pregnancy. Stronger hormone excretion can cause creation of small crevices inside the breasts, which are basically like cysts and can be felt outside like tiny knots. These are commonly compared to shotgun shells. Breast inflammation can also cause severe pain, with these settling in for women who are nursing mostly. Along with the pain, a swelling will appear, the breast becomes red, warm and painful, with body temperature steadily increasing. It is necessary to continue with nursing and raise the swollen breast up, applying cold bandages to it at all times. If the treatment was initiated in a proper time, the advancement of this condition in particular may be stopped by using antibiotics. If there is a large accumulation of the pus, a surgical procedure will be required.

Try out Home Remedies for Razor Bumps and Notice the Difference

Men too can have sensitive skin, and if you are a man, you would know very well how it feels when it comes to shaving. An irritation prone skin always has high tendency of having burning sensation when your hair is pulled out due to a quick shave. There are different types of razors available in the market, namely straight razors and safety razors. Some cut smoothly without causing any, and some needs to be applied twice or thrice to get a clean shave. However, none of them can guarantee you a cent percent flawless shave. So it is better to get prepared with some home remedies.

Different home remedies for you

No matter what type of razor you choose for yourself, it is significantly difficult to avoid razor bumps. The closest you shave, the more will be the chances of getting hurt. Try the below-mentioned remedies-

  • Apply hot compression to your skin by applying a piece of cotton after soaking it in water.
  • Apply Aloe Vera to irritated skin.
  • You can make use of the anti-inflammatory effect of a hydrocortisone cream.
  • Apply acidic lemon juice to razor bumps.
  • If you can press white tea bags against a razor cut, it will tan your skin and give a soothing feel.

Emphasize on prevention

It is good to keep changing your shaving set, including the cream and the razor you use on a regular basis. Sometimes, prolonged usage of the same razor can make your skin irritated. Some oils are used for home remedies for razor bumps that work to keep your skin safe from any irritation. These oils are namely-

  • Lavender oil- a burn reducing ingredient.
  • Seed oil extracted from sunflower- helps your skin come out of a greasiness
  • Castor oil- It will moisturize your skin.
  • Olive oil- It works as a lubricator on your shaved skin.

Natural treatment is necessary

There are a few other kinds of treatments that also can be done at home. If you develop itchiness on your skin and look for an instant solution to it, you can take help of some ayurvedic or aromatic solutions for that. If you treat yourself with naturopathic care, it is surely going to benefit you to a large extent. Sometimes treatment is not the only thing you need to be concerned about. After a severe cut or a burn, you can eventually face skin rashes and lot of eruption on skin. Since you need an overall skin healing, you will have to seek a long term treatment. Naturopathy opens the door for it.

Moisturizing the skin is important

Your choice to use a proper aftershave lotion is very important, as far as your skin is concerned. Post shaving, your skin needs to be moisturized properly and hence using an antibacterial, moisturizing aftershave cream is essential. You can use apple cider vinegar and cold water to add moisture base. You can apply crushed aspirin paste, honey, baking soda paste, milk, corn starch, etc. on the injured place. They heal your skin healed and leave it smooth.

Get A Beautiful Smile With Press On Veneers

Teeth are the first thing that shows up when you smile. A beautiful smile can be totally destroyed if the front teeth are broken, damaged or worn out. Earlier teeth were given a crown which was sometimes made of gold to give them a better appearance. Nowadays the same effect can be had from the use of dental veneers which covers the defects of the teeth. Bad teeth can be repaired by putting a veneer on it to hide the cracks, or broken portions. In case of such problems your dentist will know what to do and you can get back your lovely smile within a few days.

Temporary solution for teeth

The best alternative to a permanent covering is to have a press on veneer that can be taken off whenever it is not required. The advantages of this type of veneer are:

  • You can get the DIY kits online to take the impression of the teeth you want to be covered.
  • You can send the impression to the lab to get it fabricated by the technician
  • You can get the finished material by mail at your home.
  • The covers for the teeth can be removed and reused whenever you want
  • The solution is affordable, and you can look your best even when you do not have the time to go in for professional solutions.
  • You do not have to visit the dentist and can save a lot of money when you order for these temporary solutions.

Disadvantages of temporary solutions

There are quite some problems that press on veneers cannot solve. They are:

  • The impression taken by you may not be perfect as you may not be trained to do so. It may produce results that are unsatisfactory.
  • Even if you can take a good impression, the work done in the lab may not be satisfactory. The product made at the lab from the impression you have sent may not be comfortable or provide a perfect fit.
  • You have to remember to take them off every time you go to sleep.
  • They can break easily because they are thinner and lighter than the product that is fixed permanently to the teeth.
  • They cannot take care of the gaps in the teeth or badly positioned teeth.

Better solutions to problems

Taking professional help is the best way that you can solve problems of our teeth. The gaps between small teeth can cause innumerable problems. You may have worn out edges that will make you look more aged than you really are. Your teeth may look crooked as they are not in their correct positions. These defects in your teeth can be rectified by the use of multiple veneers which can be used to fill up the gaps, mend the broken edges and make the teeth longer.

Composition of veneers

It can be made from two different materials. They can be a composite material that is built up inside the mouth or fabricated in the lab by a dental technician and then installed on the teeth with dental cement. They can also be made from ceramic in a laboratory by a dental technician and then fixed to the teeth by a resin called Panavia. Both of these solutions are permanent and you cannot remove them whenever you want to do so.