Most Popular Causes Associated With Pain Under Left Breast

Pain under left breast is different from the one under the right breast. That is where your heart stays, so you obviously think about the worst things. All in all, these pains are usually sharp. You may also experience slight problems while breathing. Sometimes, these pains go away if you breathe deep for a few minutes. They might be caused by an incorrect posture too. In other cases, they can underline more severe conditions. When the pain persists, returns or becomes severe, you might want to consult a specialist doctor. If you suffer from an affection, at least you can identify it early and treat it accordingly. If you do not, enjoy the peace of mind that you are healthy and you got nothing to worry about.

Effects of heartburn

Heartburn is one of the main reasons wherefore pain under left breast occurs. Plenty of people panic and take it for a heart attack, yet they are not connected. Heartburn occurs when stomach acid goes up due to specific activities (mostly physical activities). If you have just had a heavy meal, it might be wise to lie down a little. Sure, physical activity is recommended too for your digestion, but do not exaggerate. Bending down a few times might prevent heartburn. It normally occurs when the lower abdominal muscles are not powerful enough to keep the stomach acids under control.

Facing excessive digestive gases

Digestive cases may also cause pain under left breast, as well as many other uncomfortable symptoms. When gases are trapped inside the stomach, they tend to go up, so they get close to the chest. Holding gases for too long may cause similar problems too. In other cases, they are trapped inside the intestines, so the same problems occur around the waist. The more you hold them, the more severe they become. At some point, you may not even be able to walk. Whether you have guests or someone nearby, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom.

Heart conditions – something to worry about

Heart problems are some of the things that should worry you. While the heart is way above this area, heart conditions may also cause sharp pain under left breast. Suspecting a heart condition depends on how severe and frequent these pains are. If they persist and return regularly, it is wiser to see a specialist doctor. Treat heart conditions early and they will not pose too many problems. Even if the diagnostic is different, at least you know that there is nothing to worry about.

Stress can be a cause too

Stress is yet another popular cause for chest pains. Stress is responsible for plenty of problematic symptoms. It has become a modern enemy of the humankind. When you feel stressed, your body obviously acts differently. This is why you might feel pain under left breast even if everything else looks alright. The pain occurs due to the stressful events around you. Learn to relax and calm down, but consider meditation as well.