Hunched over Laptop syndrome

Are you aware that using the laptop can also get you fall ill with HOLS? HOLS stand for Hunched over Laptop Syndrome. Number of people is now using laptops over desktops, and that is what is causing more number of people to fall sick with HOLS. It can attack you when you look down at your laptop screen for a long time. Looking down for an extended period of time can cause your shoulders and the neck to become stiff and frozen.

While most people think that laptops have made their lives easier, well to some extent, it is true as you can carry your laptop to work and while traveling can work on it. But have you wonder that while working on the laptop, you are also bending yourself and your wrist to such positions that can be awkward? Such awkward situations can lead to straining your body muscles instead of making you comfortable.

How to get rid of Hunched over Laptop syndrome

The excellent way, to get rid of the HOLS, is to lift the laptop in such a position that can reduce the strain on your neck and shoulder. The best and the ideal place for keeping the laptop are on a high table so that the laptop and your eyes are in level with each other.

Secondly, you should also angle the keyboard of the laptop in such a manner so that it becomes more comfortable for you to type on the machine.

You can also use a laptop stand that can give you the necessary mobility with your machine without putting you through a lot of strain. Avoid using your lap as a desk for your laptop, always sit in an upright position and take frequent breaks while working to stay away from HOLS.

According to recent research conducted in UK, at least one out of ten people suffer from HOLS while working on their laptops. In fact, most of such sufferers also need medication for managing their stiffened neck and shoulder pain. Apparently, the Hunched over Laptop Syndrome can attack people aged between 18 and 24.

How can a laptop stand help?

While laptops can be great in terms of portability, it can also reduce your overall productivity if you start suffering from neck pains and backaches that can become unbearable. Besides, when you use your lap as a desk for your laptop, the heat generated from the laptops can cause severe damage to your private parts.

It is best to invest in a laptop stand which can eradicate all such problems. While using the stand for the laptop can make you feel comfortable, it can also provide complete safety to your machine. Use a laptop stand and sit in an upright position. These posts are flexible and are available in various sizes. Using such stands will also strain your eyes less and thus can provide you with complete comfort at your workplace. The price of the stand varies, but money is not a constraint when it comes to your health, isn’t it?