Home Remedies for Bv (Bacterial Vaginosis)

Nowadays, a very common cause of worry for most women is various vaginal infections and discomfort caused by the same. If you are a woman, perhaps you have faced this type of problems in your life too. If you feel such discomfort, you should immediately rush to see a doctor. Do you know there are a lot of options in your home too, with the help of which you can start taking care of your vaginal health? If not, this is high time for you to look into it.

Bv is not a matter to ignore

BV is normally not treated as a very serious kind of disease. It happens due to the disturbance that occurs due to the presence of bacteria in the vagina. There are two types of bacteria that are present in the vagina, one of which is namely good, and another is said to be bad. Sometimes the symptoms disappear right after appearing, while at other times, they take a day or two to go away. If it is acute, it stays longer. You definitely cannot afford to sit and wait for that moment when it would cease to exist. It is better to take precautions well in advance to stop those bacteria to harm you.

How to take precautions

There are ways by which you can prevent yourself from any vaginal infections. If you become a little conscious in maintaining your lifestyle, it will not become a serious concern in your life.

  • You have to lead your sexual life consciously and avoid multiple partners.
  • Conduct a pelvic exam. Collect some of your vaginal discharge and get it tested to ensure whether you have any infections or not.
  • If test reports come positive, and your discomfort increase, make sure that it is time for you to start home remedies for bv before it gets too late.

Learn how to cure it

There are different types of remedies that are available for you to try out at home. Take a look at them.

  • With the help of apple cider vinegar, you can increase the acid content in your vagina. Its acidic nature reduces the survival chance of the bad bacteria, and creates a healthy environment for the good ones to stay there. Just add two cups of it in water and apply it to your vagina.
  • Yogurt is another ingredient that if applied in the specified area, maintains the pH balance of your vagina. You need to apply it with the help of a soft cotton material.
  • Another natural antibacterial component is tea tree oil that if you use in your vagina after mixing it with lukewarm water, it will rinse the vagina thoroughly.

Stop worrying about bv

You can take the help of other home ingredients like fenugreek, milk, garlic. These are helpful to either prevent or cure any fungal infections in your vagina. Though the exact cause of bv is still unknown to doctors, but it is proven that bv can be controlled if there is proper proper diagnosis and timely treatment. Hence, this is the time to stop worrying about it and start taking wise decisions.