Get Relief By Discovering Home Remedies For Pneumonia

An inflammatory condition that affects the lung is known as pneumonia. Bacteria and viruses are primarily the reasons for this condition. Common symptoms are coughing yellow or greenish mucus, shaking chills, mild or high fever, shortness of inhalation and many more. Additional symptoms are sharp chest pains that hurt even more when you take deep breaths, low energy, clammy skin, the absence of appetite, fatigue and many more. However, the signs can sometimes differ for viral and bacterial pneumonia.

Heading towards treatment

The condition as mentioned above can be quite painful if not treated on discovering the symptoms. Many a times, you don’t feel like visiting the doctor’s clinic or might be too sick to visit the clinic. In such circumstances, you cannot just sit at home doing nothing. There are various home remedies present with which the condition can get better. Some mixtures are as follows:

  • Antimicrobial properties make garlic highly popular as it can combat all sorts of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Mix one teacup of milk in four teacups of water to which you add crushed garlic and that can be half-teaspoon. Seethe the solution till it lessens to one-fourth of the actual amount. It is advised to drink the mixture three times in a day.
  • Another method of using garlic is to infuse crushed garlic cloves in a blend of honey and lemon juice. Two teaspoons of this mixture can be consumed three times in a day.

Some other useful remedies

Apart from garlic that is a strong ingredient, there are many other ingredients too that can help you in getting rid of such a painful condition. The remedies are as follows:

  • Capsaicin content can be found in cayenne pepper by which mucus release gets stimulated from the respiratory passages. It is one of the best home remedies for pneumonia as the mucus gets cleared from the respiratory system.
  • In a teacup of carrot juice, mix cayenne pepper and drink it two times in a day.

Importance of medication

Most of the times the condition of pneumonia, cures within three weeks. In few cases, it becomes a bit serious and might prove fatal. It can be quite dangerous for people who have poor immunity system and in children. Few signs of this disease include headache, sweating, cough and many more. But you can obtain relief within one week if you sincerely follow the home remedies as mentioned above. Garlic, carrot, lemon, and sesame seeds are things that usually can be found in every kitchen. Thus, creating a mixture is not very difficult. The signs of this lung inflammatory condition must never be ignored as it might lead to adverse results.

Few preventive methods

Obtaining a flu shot is the best way of averting pneumonia. This flu can many a times result in acute condition. The acute stage can occur in pregnant women, young children and people with acute health problems. Apart from this, a healthy lifestyle will help you in staying away from this disease, Regular exercise and no smoking are the two most important things to be remembered.