Phantom Ringing Syndrome

There is hardly such an individual in the world today; that has not been through the sensation of Phantom Ringing Syndrome. This sensation can best be described as a feeling of your phone ringing and vibrating in your pocket even when in reality, the phone is not ringing at all. In other words, the Phantom Ringing Syndrome is a false alarm in the brain that gives you the sensation of phone ringing or vibrating while, in reality, the situation is entirely different.

Although this sensation of Phantom Ringing Syndrome is not bothersome for people, recent studies and researches on this syndrome have shown that nearly 90% of people feel this type of a sensation almost every week. You will be astonished to know that although the Phantom Ringing Syndrome is a false alarm, it triggers the neurotransmitters of the brain to make it believe that the phone is ringing. Psychiatrists have been prescribing a type of medication whose principal function is the maintenance of the high-level neurotransmitter in the brain that can reduce depression. It is mentioned in this post just to put emphasis on the fact that the brain chemistry can get affected by medications, even if the neurotransmitters are falsely alarming the brain of a phone vibrating or ringing.

It is now known from the different studies and researches of the Phantom Ringing Syndrome that people of four generations check in with some technologies in their mobiles in every 15 minutes. Those four generations are the iGeneration, Net Generation, Generation X and the Baby Boomers. These generations refer to the population born in 1990’s, 1980’s, years 1965 and 1979, and years 1946 and 1964 respectively. All these generations of people are continuously on their smartphones, checking their social media sites, work emails, calls, and texts almost four times in an hour. It is imperative to say that this frequency of phone checking results in Phantom Ringing Syndrome despite of the age and gender of the users.

There are also many such users who get highly anxious when they are unable to check with their phones as often as they would like, for several reasons. And according to the studies, anxiety of any type can lead to severe depression, mania, dysthymia, narcissism, antisocial personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder and also compulsive personality disorder.

The Phantom Ringing Syndrome is responsible for enhancing the neurotransmitters in the brain like dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, corticotropin, etc. releasing hormones. This syndrome is also responsible for decreasing the depression causing hormones like gamma-aminobutyric acid and serotonin.

In other words, the world generation is now completely inclined towards technological advances. Thus, they are so primed with anxiety about their communication with the outer world via the electronic devices that even a mere itch of the neurons is wrongly misinterpreted as the ringing or the vibrating of the phone. Shift your focus to the outer world and make ways to reduce the anxiety reactions that are caused by Phantom Ringing Syndrome, else you will not be able to focus on anything else in your life.

Hunched over Laptop syndrome

Are you aware that using the laptop can also get you fall ill with HOLS? HOLS stand for Hunched over Laptop Syndrome. Number of people is now using laptops over desktops, and that is what is causing more number of people to fall sick with HOLS. It can attack you when you look down at your laptop screen for a long time. Looking down for an extended period of time can cause your shoulders and the neck to become stiff and frozen.

While most people think that laptops have made their lives easier, well to some extent, it is true as you can carry your laptop to work and while traveling can work on it. But have you wonder that while working on the laptop, you are also bending yourself and your wrist to such positions that can be awkward? Such awkward situations can lead to straining your body muscles instead of making you comfortable.

How to get rid of Hunched over Laptop syndrome

The excellent way, to get rid of the HOLS, is to lift the laptop in such a position that can reduce the strain on your neck and shoulder. The best and the ideal place for keeping the laptop are on a high table so that the laptop and your eyes are in level with each other.

Secondly, you should also angle the keyboard of the laptop in such a manner so that it becomes more comfortable for you to type on the machine.

You can also use a laptop stand that can give you the necessary mobility with your machine without putting you through a lot of strain. Avoid using your lap as a desk for your laptop, always sit in an upright position and take frequent breaks while working to stay away from HOLS.

According to recent research conducted in UK, at least one out of ten people suffer from HOLS while working on their laptops. In fact, most of such sufferers also need medication for managing their stiffened neck and shoulder pain. Apparently, the Hunched over Laptop Syndrome can attack people aged between 18 and 24.

How can a laptop stand help?

While laptops can be great in terms of portability, it can also reduce your overall productivity if you start suffering from neck pains and backaches that can become unbearable. Besides, when you use your lap as a desk for your laptop, the heat generated from the laptops can cause severe damage to your private parts.

It is best to invest in a laptop stand which can eradicate all such problems. While using the stand for the laptop can make you feel comfortable, it can also provide complete safety to your machine. Use a laptop stand and sit in an upright position. These posts are flexible and are available in various sizes. Using such stands will also strain your eyes less and thus can provide you with complete comfort at your workplace. The price of the stand varies, but money is not a constraint when it comes to your health, isn’t it?

Phantom vibration syndrome

The term phantom vibration syndrome is a relatively new one that is currently been seen a lot in the news. As the name suggests, phantom vibration syndrome is when you feel that the phone is vibrating even when it is not in reality. This enigma has been around since the advent of the mobile phones but got wider popularity around five years ago and has become much more prevalent with the arrival of smartphones and eventually increased use of mobile phones. This syndrome is a sign of how the mobile phones have a grip and control on our lives so much so that researchers have started studying this particular syndrome.

How the mobile phone controls your life

The phantom vibration syndrome is just an example of how your mobile controls your life. Just consider this, even a few years back if you felt an itch in the part where you now keep your phone, you would just scratch the part and get it done with. But now the first thing, you would do, is reach for your phone to check if it vibrated, even if it did not. Studies show that almost ninety percent of undergraduate students and around same number of hospital workers have experienced phantom vibration syndrome once or more and this has increased their levels of anxiety. If you do not check yourself this continuous feeling of your phone vibrating when it is not can turn into an obsession and can cause anxiety. This syndrome has only increased with the introduction of the smartphones into the market and growing familiar all over the world.

How to stop the phantom vibration syndrome from taking over your life

 The only way, to prevent your smartphone from taking over your life and increasing your stress level, is to stay a little away from your mobile phone for a certain period every day. Start by staying away from your cell phone for half an hour and increase the time a little every day. You would feel the urge to check your phone that would go to prove your obsession, but check yourself. By doing this exercise, you can monitor your anxiety level caused by mobile phones. After all who needs more stress and anxiety in their lives? And this is the only way to stop your mobile phone from taking total control of your life. Another thing, you can do, is even if you feel your phone vibrating keep you from checking it every time and after a while it would become a habit that would eventually reduce your anxiety levels.

With the number of people increasing who have at some time experienced the phantom vibration syndrome, you would want to take control of your life. Technology is useful as long as it makes life easier but when it starts to control you, it is time to get a reality check done. Technology should be at your service, and it should not be the other way round.

Toasted skin syndrome

The number of laptop users over the globe has been doubling in the past few decades. This has paved the way for a new ailment known as the toasted skin syndrome or TSS. It is precisely what its name suggests i.e. your skin gets toasted due to the excessive heat. The skin appears to get red or brown in the place where it has been exposed to this excessive heat. And this is not caused by exposure to the sun; this toasted skin syndrome is caused by using your laptop perched on your lap for the prolonged period. The heat coming off from a laptop can reach up to 47 degrees Celsius, and when your skin is exposed to this kind of heat for a prolonged period, your skin will become toasted. This would not only make your skin look really bad would have much worse consequences.

There are extremely simple ways to prevent this toasted skin syndrome. By following these easy steps, you can defend yourself from this dangerous and harmful burning.

Use a heat shield

By keeping something in between your skin and your laptop, you can prevent the heat from your laptop from burning your skin. You can use a laptop desk or just place a cushion under your laptop if you want to use the laptop perched on your lap. Just make sure your skin does not take in the full blow of the excessive heat that comes off from your system.

 Monitor your laptop usage time

If you do have to use your laptop on your lap, monitor your laptop usage time strictly. Your laptop is a machine, and it needs to cool down too, to work in a proper way. Monitoring your laptop usage would not only keep you safe from toasted skin syndrome but would also increase the lifespan of your laptop. After every few hours of use, give yourself as well as your laptop some rest.

 Ventilate your laptop regularly

It is important to ventilate your laptop regularly just to make sure your laptop does not get too heated up. And while your laptop is getting its much-needed ventilation, your lap can get the rest too. This ventilation would allow your laptop to cool down such that when you use it again on your lap, you are at a lower risk of getting toasted skin syndrome.

 Set up a laptop workstation

Establishing a laptop workstation is healthy for you as well as for your laptop. This will not only protect you from the dangerous burning disease but also keep your back erect, thereby preventing you from unwanted backaches.

If setting up a laptop station is a difficult job for you then simply use a desktop. Make sure you use a proper chair and have the desktop or the laptop perched on a proper height that would rest your arms perfectly while working.

Follow one of the ways given above, and you would be able to prevent toasted skin syndrome.

Mobile cecum syndrome

The mobile cecum syndrome is diagnosed with the chronic pain in the right lower abdomen without any apparent evidence of appendicitis. Although there have been cases in which, patients went to surgical removal of the appendix for getting relief from the severe chronic pain in the right lower abdomen. It is also to be noted that the symptoms of mobile cecum syndrome did not improve right after the operation and excision of the appendix.  The most common treatment for dealing with the mobile cecum syndrome is the cecopexy that is known as an effective treatment for the same.

Mobile cecum syndrome can be due to congenital intestinal malrotation and also intestinal malrotation. These are both types of functional gastrointestinal disorders that can be characterized by several such symptoms whose causes are yet to be determined. Children and the adults alike can face such symptoms and one of the most common diseases to attack the children is the mobile cecum syndrome while for the adults it is the irritable bowel syndrome.

The typical symptoms of both the irritable bowel syndrome and the mobile cecum syndrome are severe pain in the lower right corner of the intestine. There can be frequent stools with pain in the intestine; the pain can be relieved with bowel movements and even looser stools with the pain. However, there might not be any metabolic, inflammatory or structural abnormalities. It is believed; the cecum in the intestine gets detached which can cause the pain. However, there is no confirmation of that theory as yet.

Cecal Volvulus because of mobile cecum syndrome

 Mobile cecum syndrome can cause cecal volvulus in patients that are associated with sepsis and intestinal strangulation. Anatomically speaking, the cecal volvulus by mobile cecum syndrome can occur by the twisting of the part of the intestine that involves the ascending colon, the cecum, and the terminal ileum.

Around 7 million people are infected with mobile cecum syndrome every year. And mobile cecum syndrome is responsible for the intestinal obstruction in adults. The age of the patient can vary depending on the dietary and the cultural influence of their upbringing and society.

 Can the colonoscopy help?

For confirmation and also the initial management of the mobile cecum syndrome, flexible colonoscopy is performed in patients. However, it must also be perceived that the colonoscopy in the intestine for the detection of the mobile cecum syndrome is quite limited. The success rate of eliminating the mobile cecum syndrome by colonoscopy is also moderate. But for patients with acute mobile cecum syndrome, it is suggested that the patient can benefit greatly from surgical intervention for their attachment of the cecum and in the process correction of the obstruction within the walls of the intestine.

There is no preventive measure that can be taken against mobile cecum syndrome. However, it is recommended that if there is any pain felt at the right side of the lower abdomen, it is important to check on with the medical supervisor for any possible diagnosis of mobile cecum syndrome.