Blue Waffle Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Intercourse nowadays, has become a business rather than a pious and pure collaboration of two souls into one. People, be it men or women, today, are into a number of relationships and practise sex in their daily routine with different partners. Though, it gave them momentarily pleasure but they are unaware of the problems that may arise. One such disease which is very much prevalent these days is Blue Waffle Disease. This jargon is not that familiar, neither amongst the doctors nor the victims. And, the fact is that it is no such big a deal, because, it is not any different sector of diseases, it is simply an infection caused sexually. It was coined in that Waffle refers to Vagina, and when this sensitive part of the body is infected and sometimes turns to blue, this is referred to as Blue Waffles. It is a sexually transmitted disease which could effect both men and women, but females being more prone. Now, let us understand what this problem is all about.


It is a parasitic infection which results in swollen Vagina, with fluids discharging and extensive itching. The complete area around vagina burns with red rashes all inside or at the periphery. A very unpleasant smell is accompanied along with this. And, if this infection is not prevented, it grows and thus, the colour of the vagina may turn to greenish blue due to the continuous sensation and itching. Even any one of these symptoms is enough for the person to know that there is a probability of occurrence of this disease.


Referring to the above symptoms one would easily know that the disease has infected her body. But, it is very important know that how is this disease caused. There are many reasons for this inflammation. The basic functioning going behind this is the growth of bacteria and fungi on the vagina opening which slowly and steadily spread inside the whole area. There are many factors responsible for this production of parasites on the vaginal lips.

1. Weak Immune System

The first and the most important cause is the weak immune system. It is quite obvious that body has to fight with many disease causing organisms and vagina being a sensitive area, has an extensive danger of accumulation of bad microorganisms. And a weak immune system is incapable of fighting these small beings and hence causing them to enter further and finally, infecting the body.

2. Unprotected sex and improper hygiene

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, unprotected sex is a major reason for this disease. Sharing of sex toys, indulging to multi partner masturbation, and prostitution leads to an unhygienic atmosphere giving the best growing conditions to the bacteria. In addition, improper sex practices which may lead to cuts, abrasions, etc. also is a major cause of Blue Waffle Disease. Also, women who do not keep them clean, be it during their periods or after masturbation or wearing improperly washed tight undergarments are at more risk.

This leads to moistening of the vagina, and this moistness leads to the growth of bacteria and other parasites and thus, affecting the interiors and thus, causing itching, swelling, etc.

3. Unbalanced diet also leads to vaginal infections

Lack of proper and sufficient nutrients in the food makes the immune system weak and thus, causing this dieses to enter the body much easier. And, this lack of needed vitamins and minerals is because of improper eating habits, skipping the meals due to work or peer pressure and excessive consumption of junk foods and alcohols and drugs.

4. Mental Stress

People today are not satisfied, be it physically or mentally, and due to this unsatisfaction they undergo stress which is also one of the less significant factors of this infection.


It’s always said that “Prevention is better than cure.” Thus, we must keep in mind all the causes that leads to this infection and should take step to not indulge in any of the false practices. Here is the list:

  • Play safe sex.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Wear properly washed undergarments.
  • Do not wear tight fitting under wears.
  • Use clean, sanitary napkins during periods.
  • Properly clean the vagina after intercourse
  • Never indulge into multi partner sex
  • Always remain stress-free
  • Take steps to strengthen your immune system
  • Do not use any instrument while masturbating

And, the list is beyond the stop. The more we care, the better are the results. Thus, we must keep all these points in mind to avoid ourselves get caught by this disease.

But, if the disease got a hold of you then there is definitely a need for a proper treatment. The symptoms of this disease are very clear and once discovered must be checked immediately. There is no use of ignoring the symptoms; it will only add up to more problems and hence, greater problems.

The doctors when come across the patients suffering from Blue Waffle, they put these patients on antibiotics. It includes various ointments and oral pills. The patient must take all the prescribed drugs very faithfully, along with the proper maintenance of good hygiene all across their private areas. Also, the infected person must keep a distance from their partner in terms of intercourse and thus, protecting their partners to not catch the same. A very basic set of precautions and medications are mentioned for this disease, making it a very simple yet dangerous one.

Thus, this disease is not like any other havoc diseases like cancer, etc. which should create a panic in the minds and hearts of people. It is simply an infection which is caused by unhygienic conditions prevailing around you. Therefore, one must keep oneself clean and pure to avoid these types of infections and must not indulge in any false practices of sex and masturbation. This part of the body, waffle, is an over sensitive one, and we must take some extra care.

Get A Beautiful Smile With Press On Veneers

Teeth are the first thing that shows up when you smile. A beautiful smile can be totally destroyed if the front teeth are broken, damaged or worn out. Earlier teeth were given a crown which was sometimes made of gold to give them a better appearance. Nowadays the same effect can be had from the use of dental veneers which covers the defects of the teeth. Bad teeth can be repaired by putting a veneer on it to hide the cracks, or broken portions. In case of such problems your dentist will know what to do and you can get back your lovely smile within a few days.

Temporary solution for teeth

The best alternative to a permanent covering is to have a press on veneer that can be taken off whenever it is not required. The advantages of this type of veneer are:

  • You can get the DIY kits online to take the impression of the teeth you want to be covered.
  • You can send the impression to the lab to get it fabricated by the technician
  • You can get the finished material by mail at your home.
  • The covers for the teeth can be removed and reused whenever you want
  • The solution is affordable, and you can look your best even when you do not have the time to go in for professional solutions.
  • You do not have to visit the dentist and can save a lot of money when you order for these temporary solutions.

Disadvantages of temporary solutions

There are quite some problems that press on veneers cannot solve. They are:

  • The impression taken by you may not be perfect as you may not be trained to do so. It may produce results that are unsatisfactory.
  • Even if you can take a good impression, the work done in the lab may not be satisfactory. The product made at the lab from the impression you have sent may not be comfortable or provide a perfect fit.
  • You have to remember to take them off every time you go to sleep.
  • They can break easily because they are thinner and lighter than the product that is fixed permanently to the teeth.
  • They cannot take care of the gaps in the teeth or badly positioned teeth.

Better solutions to problems

Taking professional help is the best way that you can solve problems of our teeth. The gaps between small teeth can cause innumerable problems. You may have worn out edges that will make you look more aged than you really are. Your teeth may look crooked as they are not in their correct positions. These defects in your teeth can be rectified by the use of multiple veneers which can be used to fill up the gaps, mend the broken edges and make the teeth longer.

Composition of veneers

It can be made from two different materials. They can be a composite material that is built up inside the mouth or fabricated in the lab by a dental technician and then installed on the teeth with dental cement. They can also be made from ceramic in a laboratory by a dental technician and then fixed to the teeth by a resin called Panavia. Both of these solutions are permanent and you cannot remove them whenever you want to do so.