Multiple Myeloma Symptoms, Prognosis, Life expectancy and Survival rate

Multiple myeloma, a disease often referred to as plasmocytoma or Kahler’s disease is a malignant disorder affecting plasma cells, causing them to multiply uncontrollably inside the bone marrow. These new, pathologically altered plasma cells are producing products of the antibodies or only tiny segments of them – so called paraproteins. These antibodies are falling into a single group (for an example IgA), being labeled as monoclonal proteins. The production of paraproteins prevents appearance of other normal antibodies, which makes the patient much more prone towards infections. The growth of healthy blood making cells in the bone marrow is reduced. Lack of healthy red and white blood cells begins with exhaustion, weakness, headache and an increased tendency towards infections.

Multiplication of the myeloma cells inside the bone marrow, their interaction with stroma (which is the supporting tissue of organs or tumors) – as well as activation of the immunological cells brings towards an increased effect of osteoclasts; these cells are reducing the bone mass and causing bone defects which can lead towards fractures and pains. With the destruction of bone tissue, calcium releases into the blood stream. An increased concentration of calcium in the blood leads to a whole list of complications such as kidney damage, exhaustion, disturbances in the heart rhythm, noxiousness and vomiting.

Are there any typical symptoms?

Despite the fact that this is a serious condition, it doesn’t show much of specific symptoms. It can be present for ages without showing any typical signs of diseases and symptoms which are mentioned here are apparent after many years into the condition. Until today, the beginning and specific cause of this condition, as well as its progress over the years haven’t been closely determined.

In the beginning, as mentioned, most patients won’t experience any types of symptoms. As the disease progresses, some non-characteristic symptoms such as reduction of fitness, exhaustion, weakness as well as loss of appetite, vomiting and weight loss may occur. In an advanced stage of the condition there are more prominent symptoms to speak of.

Bone pain usually begins slowly and gradually increases in intensity. Sudden, sharp pain is typical for bone breaking in the spine, ribs and all other long bones. A high concentration of calcium in the blood; caused by osteoblasts, increases calcium excretion through urine and the overall amount of it – which may cause dehydration to occur. In about 20% of patient it’s necessary to calculate a reduced kidney function into the equation, due to the damaged kidney channels.

Symptoms caused by a disturbance of the blood analysis depends on the number of the tumor altered cells. First, a disturbance of maturing of the red blood cells begins, with symptoms of anemia following shortly after – paleness, weakness, exhaustion, headache, lack of air etc.

As the disease progresses, the reduction in number of leucocytes and thrombocytes will make it easier for infections to nestle in. In about 25% of patients these infections are mostly caused by bacteria. In the early phases of the disease most common are respiratory system infections. Typical complications in the advanced phase of the illness are infections of the urinary system. Also, with a lack of thrombocytes there is a tendency towards bleeding. Typical nose or menstrual bleeding is most common.

In a small number of patients pathological changes of the nervous system might be more obvious. If the nerves hit are affected only within extremities, lightning pain and loss of sensation may become a problem. Only in rare cases this might cause complete paralysis, loss of sensation or incontinence.

Life expectancy and how to assess the prognosis

In average, patients diagnosed with multiple myeloma are expected to live from 3 to 5 years. Still, these are all average values and the expected life span may prove to be significantly longer. According to the European cancer register, only about a third of all patients suffering from multiple myeloma make it past five years.

Multiple myeloma is not contagious, and it’s also important to know that this is not a hereditary disease in its full meaning. Even though family members from the first generation might have higher risk from this condition, it’s definitely not something to take for granted.

In terms of prognosis itself, it’s important to realize that even though two diagnoses might be equal with two patients, the progress of the illness and all possible types of therapy can be very different. While the statistic is extremely important for the prognosis, it’s necessary nod to make a critical error and overestimate its value or precision. A lot of people can assess their diagnosis in a completely wrong way, interpreting it in such way where there is no help.

The term known as life expectancy is only the average summary, which means that half of patients will go over the maximum life expectancy rate. The group of patients who reach the expected life expectancy also includes those patients who might have been cured, so in principle, they have a normal life expectancy. Furthermore, results of studies are related only towards previous cases. Because of this, all data which is being accumulated before a certain date haven’t been taken into close consideration.

Every individual will have a different reaction towards medication and all other treatment methods. According to this, any type of prognosis, for an example 3 years, may be a specifically determined number for this one individual. There is no replacement to this and it is impossible to provide you with a universal answer. Multiple myeloma is an extremely complex condition which spans across multiple body symptoms and it’s impossible to simply state that this is the shortest or this is the longest expected life term.

Therefore, individual counseling and testing done on an individual basis is your only way to have a precise estimate of your life expectancy as well as any other factors that might be of your interest. Consult the issue with your doctor, don’t trust everything you read online as this simply isn’t something you want to do when it’s the case about multiple myeloma.

Get Relief By Discovering Home Remedies For Pneumonia

An inflammatory condition that affects the lung is known as pneumonia. Bacteria and viruses are primarily the reasons for this condition. Common symptoms are coughing yellow or greenish mucus, shaking chills, mild or high fever, shortness of inhalation and many more. Additional symptoms are sharp chest pains that hurt even more when you take deep breaths, low energy, clammy skin, the absence of appetite, fatigue and many more. However, the signs can sometimes differ for viral and bacterial pneumonia.

Heading towards treatment

The condition as mentioned above can be quite painful if not treated on discovering the symptoms. Many a times, you don’t feel like visiting the doctor’s clinic or might be too sick to visit the clinic. In such circumstances, you cannot just sit at home doing nothing. There are various home remedies present with which the condition can get better. Some mixtures are as follows:

  • Antimicrobial properties make garlic highly popular as it can combat all sorts of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Mix one teacup of milk in four teacups of water to which you add crushed garlic and that can be half-teaspoon. Seethe the solution till it lessens to one-fourth of the actual amount. It is advised to drink the mixture three times in a day.
  • Another method of using garlic is to infuse crushed garlic cloves in a blend of honey and lemon juice. Two teaspoons of this mixture can be consumed three times in a day.

Some other useful remedies

Apart from garlic that is a strong ingredient, there are many other ingredients too that can help you in getting rid of such a painful condition. The remedies are as follows:

  • Capsaicin content can be found in cayenne pepper by which mucus release gets stimulated from the respiratory passages. It is one of the best home remedies for pneumonia as the mucus gets cleared from the respiratory system.
  • In a teacup of carrot juice, mix cayenne pepper and drink it two times in a day.

Importance of medication

Most of the times the condition of pneumonia, cures within three weeks. In few cases, it becomes a bit serious and might prove fatal. It can be quite dangerous for people who have poor immunity system and in children. Few signs of this disease include headache, sweating, cough and many more. But you can obtain relief within one week if you sincerely follow the home remedies as mentioned above. Garlic, carrot, lemon, and sesame seeds are things that usually can be found in every kitchen. Thus, creating a mixture is not very difficult. The signs of this lung inflammatory condition must never be ignored as it might lead to adverse results.

Few preventive methods

Obtaining a flu shot is the best way of averting pneumonia. This flu can many a times result in acute condition. The acute stage can occur in pregnant women, young children and people with acute health problems. Apart from this, a healthy lifestyle will help you in staying away from this disease, Regular exercise and no smoking are the two most important things to be remembered.

Return To Nature And Get Ayurvedic Treatment For Piles

Ayurveda, coming from the Sanskrit root means life-knowledge, an ancient medicine system which stems from the Vedic tradition and is native to the Indian subcontinent. This stream of medicine uses natural ingredients, that is, fruits, leaves stems that are found in nature and mix them to provide them as remedy for diseases. Ayurveda emphasizes that it is the lossof balance in a person that leads her or him to ill health and this balance is often lost due to suppressing the urges of nature.Piles is most common among the different diseases that people wish to get cured by Ayurveda treatment.

Piles and its symptoms

Piles is also known as haemorrhoids and are basically the veins and blood vessels at the lower end of the rectum. The following symptoms while passing stool will help you detect piles and avail the ayurvedic treatment safely.

  • Pain with swelling accompanied by unbearable itching and burning sensation in the area around the rectum is an indication of piles.
  • You may also feel a hard lump around the anus as these lumps grow both inside as well as on the outside of the anus.
  • The flow of fresh red blood accompanying stool is almost a sure sign of piles.

Understand the causes

It is not just one factor that can lead to piles, but a number of single factors, or a combination that causes this medical condition. Late detection of piles complicates matter. Knowing the symptomsof this disease will ensure an effective ayurvedic treatment for piles.

  • If you have continual too much of pressure and strain in order to evacuate your bowel, it may gradually lead to the inflammation of blood vessels at the end of the rectum due to constant rubbing and cause pile. In simple words constipation is the most common cause.
  • A completely sedentary lifestyle involving absolute lack of physical movements is another major reason. Overweight people often suffer from this problem.
  • Genetic constitution and a family history of piles lead to a greater risk of developing piles.
  • Ageing is considered to be another important factor.

Opt for Ayurvedic cure

As ayurveda is completely natural, it is one of the safest options of curing piles. Avoid hard to digest food that will create pressure against the rectum wall. Consuming plenty of water is a must in preventing, as well as curing piles.Fruits and vegetables with high content of fibre are recommended along with pro-biotic food that aid in digestion.An increased level of physical activity will reduce the risk of piles, other than improving general health. Apart from these you might be interested in trying ayurvedic medicines available as they promise relief from the very first day and permanent cure using natural ingredients.

Avoid surgery and go ayurvedic

Nature has no substitute, so return to nature and a change in lifestyle will certainly go a long way to improve your general health, other can curing piles. Clear bowel movements and a good digestive system is the key to avoiding and curing piles. You can avoid surgical complications with the help of Ayurveda for a permanent solution to this problem.

Gum Disease Infection, Symptoms, Treatment and Pictures

Your gums can easily get inflamed and start causing noticeable pain due to bad oral hygiene. When there is a sticky layer of bacteria in between your teeth and gums, you may notice that it hurts after a while. The gentlest form of conditions related to this is gingivitis which constantly causes bacterial plaque. Besides pain causing bacteria, gums can start hurting under the influence of stone creation. The hard stone like layer can be created on the borderline between teeth and gums, motivating the gums to succumb. It’s necessary that you focus your attention towards the gums and their state in case of any type of dental pain. Long term pain can seriously destabilize your teeth and they might start falling out. With all that said, gum pain can be caused with unhealthy diet as well. It has been shown that food containing less vitamin C can also cause pain to occur. Also, um issues can cause some blood conditions which will cause constant bleeding or allergies towards some chemical substances.

The best way to prevent gum diseases from happening is careful and quality hygiene. Try to brush your teeth after every meal, and once per day clean the space in between your teeth with a dental floss. This thin floss will remove any physical deposits, bacterial plaque and other potentially dangerous substances on surfaces which are impossible to be reached with a regular toothbrush. In case you’re having constant issues with gum health, you should definitely give up on some of the typical groceries which are potentially harmful for your health. Above all these are sugars which motivate bacteria to grow. Bacteria are fed by sugar, creating acids which are very suitable for creation of new bacteria. You should avoid sweet beverages as well. Some researchers have shown that people with a normal amount of fat acids also have fewer issues with gums. Try to consume groceries which are rich with antioxidants and calcium. Because of this, we recommend you to eat as much of fruits and vegetables as you can, as these are packed with vitamins and antioxidants which are perfect for strengthening up your immunity. Milk is also recommended to be consumed in larger amounts.

Natural and quick treatment

Periodontitis is a chronic infection which affects the gums as well as the bone structure which is holding your teeth in place. By ruining its integrity, you may experience teeth loss if you don’t do anything about it. The main causes of periodontitis are obviously bacteria – millions of them, which are living in our mouth and multiplying due to unhealthy diet or bad hygiene. Aside with the excessive number of bacteria deposits inside the oral cavity, gum disease can be motivated or worsened by medicines as well, if these are used in an inappropriate way. Smoking, stress, and hormonal changes in diet, menopause and puberty, diabetes… the list goes on and on. While these microorganisms are kept within reasonable numbers, the condition is considered to be healthy. If there is any kind of an imbalance, then the issues will escalate dramatically, resulting in an inflammation.

Firstly, it’s necessary to clean and take care of your entire oral cavity, not just the teeth. It’s necessary to focus on inter-teeth space, tongue, any prosthetics and empty spaces in between. Regular checkups with your dentist are definitely a recommendation, as he can always give you more advices on how to properly take care of your teeth. Finally, it’s important to understand that this condition can be treated without any medication or surgical procedures. As long as you physically remove the bacteria before it’s too late (the advanced stage of periodontitis), you’ll be fine. However, establishing a new habit in terms of oral hygiene is a must if you would want to keep yourself away from any types of dental issues in the future.

Importance of healthy gums

There aren’t many people out there who never experienced gum inflammation. This is, in fact, the most common disease of human kind in general. Healthy gums are of bright pink color, have a texture like orange peel and they don’t bleed – ever. These are the ground on which healthy teeth are built. Unfortunately, gums are often succumbed to changes, tend to swell up, get red and oversensitive, bleeding even on the slightest touch. If this is not treated in time, the condition will advance. It can also affect deeper tissues and cause complications. In its initial phase the disease is possible to be treated on a simple yet successful manner.

In case of any food leftovers or when there is dental plaque created, in the space between gingiva bacterial toxins will initiate the first phase of inflammation, which is always manifested as bleeding. Bacteria from the dental plaque can be doubled in about 24 hours, finishing the count in about four million bacteria per square millimeter. These billions of microbes will attack the space in between gingiva and teeth so the inflammation process as well as any other deposits will reach deep into the tooth tissue, causing bone damage and complete destruction of the supporting structure. The following symptoms of all periodontal disease are different and highly depend on the stage and condition of the teeth.

If your gums are bleeding, seems to be swollen and altered in color, you have gingivitis, which is the first stage of gum disease. It is necessary to do something about this as soon as possible as otherwise you will be dealing with periodontitis, which is a very serious condition. The acute form of disease will transform into chronic, your breath will become more and more unpleasant and you won’t be able to get rid of it.

Proper dental hygiene needs to include self-checkups where you will be able to notice these changes in time, and in this case this is the most critical aspect if you’re looking into treating the condition properly. Any postponing may result in something you won’t be able to deal with simply, so it’s better to do something right away.