Analysis of human body temperature

Body temperature measured under the armpit shows 36.5°C in average. Tests done on a large sample of healthy individuals have shown that this temperature can vary in between 36°C and 37°C. Humans, together with the rest of mammals and birds belong into the warm-blooded species. Due to the constant temperature we aren’t dependent on the environment temperature, so we can withstand low temperature during the winter and hot temperature during the summer, with only this 1°C showing in the process. The main controller which is responsible for maintaining the normal body temperature is located in the brain, in its hypothalamus part. Work being done with this thermoregulatory center can be compared to thermostat, or a device which automatically regulates and maintains constant temperature in all kinds of machines, apartments or other devices. When the body faces high temperature, this “thermostat” sends signals to expulse the excess warmth out of the body and vice-versa.

How is warmth being regulated

Warmth inside our bodies is being created with food processing inside our organs and tissues. While we’re laying stationary, most of the heat generated s created with organs such as the liver, brain and heart. While we’re moving around, most of this heat will be generated through working muscles. This accumulated warmth is easy to disperse along the body and it’s constantly being generated, but also irreversibly lost over the body’s surface into the environment. When the amount of heat being generated inside the body becomes equal to the amount of heat being dispersed out of it, a thermo dynamical balance has been accomplished.

Measuring body temperature

If you’re wondering about what is normal body temperature, and you’re a healthy individual, you can measure your own body temperature to learn more about it. Measuring of this is done with a real thermometer which can be put under the armpit. Before you do this though, it is necessary to shake up the thermometer and control the level of mercury. Measuring of the temperature inside the large colon is more reliable than measuring the temperature under the armpit. The value of temperature measured at this way is .5°C higher than the one measured under the armpit. If this temperature is more than 1°C higher than the one measured under the armpit, then there is a chance that the patient is suffering from some kind of intestinal infection.

How to deal with high body temperature

Conditions of high body temperature need to be acknowledged and treated as soon as possible. Being introduced to first aid is important as some measures can be done before professional medical assistance arrives. Every increase in the body temperature above 41°C is considered to be a state of very high body temperature and once it passes 41.7°C, the thermostat in the brain will seize to function, temperature regulation is completely disordered, sweating seized and the body temperature keeps on growing. This can cause death, with only method of prevention being cooling down. Once the body temperature passes this critical limit, the thermoregulatory system should kick back in.